The program of concerts of the XI international Winter arts festival in Sochi

Ballet evening “Mediterranea”

Ballet Company Daniele Cipriani Entertainment
February 20, 2018
Beginning at 19:00
Winter Theatre
Tickets: BIL24.RU | KASSIR.RU
Description of the concert

Choreography: Mauro Bigonzetti
Music: W.A. Mozart, G. Palestrina and folk music of People of Mediterranean

Ballet Company Daniele Cipriani Entertainment

Artists from Italian ballet company Daniele Cipriani Entertainment will present the “Mediterranea” ballet to the spectators of the Sochi festival. This ballet has been performed at Italy’s theatrical stages for a quarter of a century now.

The Mediterranea is authored by outstanding choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, one of the biggest figures in the field of modern dance. He was received many prestigious international awards and works with celebrated ballet companies in Dresden, Stuttgart, Berlin, London, New York, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires …

As the head of the Balletto di Toscana company, Bigonzetti in 1993 staged a performance, the idea of which was to use the language of dance to demonstrate the various cultures, peoples and civilizations inhabiting the Mediterranean Sea; their mutual existence, struggle and reconciliation. The variety of eras and styles of the musical series (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, György Ligeti, folk and ethnic music of Mediterranean peoples) only strengthens the effect of movements in time and space. The spectators will not be just engaged in a semi-fantastic journey around the sea, which was destined to become the cradle of today’s European civilization, we are immersed in the most ancient, deep roots of the existence of cultures, making us think about the true value of similarities and contradictions.

Ten years ago, the Mediterranea ballet was triumphantly performed at Italy’s most famous stage — the La Scala theater. Today, this young Italian group will perform the Mediterranea, which talks about the main issues of human existence — in the language of art.

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