The program of concerts of the XI international Winter arts festival in Sochi

Chinese Opera Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre (Beijing)

Legend of Jade Hairpin
February 24, 2018
Beginning at 19:00
Winter Theatre
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Description of the concert

The story of the Jade Hairpin is a well-known play from the Ming Dynasty era written by Gao Lian. It tells the story of a nun Chen Miaochang, who decided to marry a young scholar Pan Bizheng without permission. The plot is tangled and unusual, and the central moments are perfectly written out. Literary techniques, harmonious music, noble arias of Kunqu Opera, unique singing and original style of performance will make you fall in love with this play.

Peking Opera…. A mysterious phenomenon of art, rooted in distant millennia. It is one of the most important cultural phenomena in China, which for many years has remained closed and incomprehensible to foreigners. Synthesis of stylized action, singing, dialogues, pantomime, acrobatic battle, makeup and dance. Peking Opera has been in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010. Today, this tradition attracts more and more attention outside the Celestial Empire. But it remains closed for Russia…
Each year, the festival in Sochi hosts representatives of national arts from different countries. At one of the past festivals, the audience could hear fragments from the Peking Opera… However, the arrival of the National Centre for the Performing Arts Beijing is already an extraordinary event in itself.
The Jade Hairpin… This traditional production by Peking Opera has now turned into a modern play. Its premiere took place in China in November 2017. This time, the guests and music lovers will be treated to a completely fresh new product.

Soloists of the concert

Playwright — Gao Lian (Ming Dynasty)
Rewrite — Wang Yan
Director — Zhang Peng

Chen Miaochang — Shao Tianshuai
Pan Bizheng — Weng Jiahui
Gu Mu — Bai Xiaojun
Jin An — Zhang Nuan
Singer — Yuan Guoliang
Boatman — Tian Xinguo
Boatmaster — Wang Yi

Drummer — ZhuangDecheng
Flute player — Guan Muoshuan

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