The program of concerts of the XI international Winter arts festival in Sochi

Fado Evening – Teresa Salgueiro (Portugal)

Fado Evening - Teresa Salgueiro (Portugal)
February 21, 2018
Beginning at 19:00
Winter Theater
Tickets: BIL24.RU | KASSIR.RU
Description of the concert

Fado … The soul of the Portuguese people is revealed in this simple and unsophisticated lyrical ballad for voice and guitar. This is the brightest and, perhaps, mysterious phenomenon of the art of this amazing southwestern European country. Having emerged in early 19th century in the poor semi-criminal districts of Lisbon, fado soon gained universal popularity — its performers became semi-legends. In the last century, fado became a professional musical style, whose identity reflected Portugal’s national spirit.

Fado performers (as a rule, female performers), in addition to musical and dramatic talent, should have a special gift — “Saudade”. Saudade is a non-translational state of mind, peculiar to the Portuguese and their Galician neighbors; a difficult complex of feelings of nostalgia, melancholy, light grief, and a sense of impermanence of happiness. Only those who possess saudade could claim the true masters of fado, triggering a well-deserved response from the audience — tears in their eyes …

Guests of the Sochi festival will get an opportunity to join the Fado art for the first time and hear the greatest representative of this genre in the 21st century — Teresa Salgueiro. This Portuguese stage star and singer has been listed among the best performers of world music for three decades running. Teresa Salgueiro shot into international fame with performances in the Madredeus group — she was a soloist from 1987-2007. For more than ten years now, the singer has been conducting independent concert activity. Fado is unconditionally dominant in the genre variety of her repertoire. Known as the singer of passion and sorrow, Teresa Salgueiro is billed to fill the souls and hearts of listeners with the melodies of her homeland on this date …

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