The program of concerts of the XI international Winter arts festival in Sochi

Gala concert by the department of folk instruments

of the International Musical Academy
February 21, 2018
Beginning at 17:00
Organ Hall
Tickets: BIL24.RU | KASSIR.RU
Description of the concert

“The Department of Folk Instruments” — a new direction of the International Musical Academy, which was opened in 2018. This field of activity was widespread during the USSR — various forms of interaction with folklore were the base of the doctrine of “socialist realism” in Soviet art; many musical schools and colleges in our country established departments of folk instruments. Later, the game on traditional instruments appeared to have faded into the background.

However, recent years have been marked by a surge in interest in folk instruments, virtuosos performers are on demand again, and mixed ensembles, combining academic and folklore directions under a crossover style, are now appearing more often. The special concert of the Sochi festival will be devoted to the musical folklore of different nations.

Classes of the “Folklore Department” will be delivered by eminent master virtuoso performers and professors at leading Russian musical schools: Friedrich Lips (the world-famous bayan accordion performer, People’s Artist of Russia, head of the Department of Folk Instruments of Gnessin Russian Academy of Music),Dmitry Dmitrienko (Artistic Director of the Zykina State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble “Russia”, and Head of Department of Folk Instruments of the Ippolitov-Ivanov State Musical Pedagogical Institute), Alexander Tsygankov (prominent Russian domra player, composer, People’s Artist of Russia, Professor at Gnessin Russian Academy of Music), Valery Zazhigin (one of the best contemporary balalaika performers, a People’s Artist of Russia, Professor at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music), Oleg Gulevsky (teacher at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and bayan player), Denis Pinyugin, balalaika player, teacher at Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia and guest soloist of the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra), Mikhail Dzyudze (the legendary virtuoso, exotic contrabass balalaika player).

The activities of the “Folklore Department” will be brought to an end by a gala concert on February 21 at the Hall of Organ and Chamber Music of the Sochi Philharmonic. Young musicians will perform on the same stage with outstanding masters. Solo and ensemble plays will be performed, and popular classical compositions will be transcribed for unusual compositions.

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