The program of concerts of the XI international Winter arts festival in Sochi

Tournament Of Poets

Tournament Of Poets
February 22, 2018
Beginning at 17:00
Organ Hall
Tickets: BIL24.RU | KASSIR.RU

The Tournament of Poets will be held for the first time during the Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi.

Poetry competitions were widespread in Russia a century ago — during the Silver Age era; Then, during the period of craze for art, the artistic “Stray Dog” Café and drama theater Priyut Komedianta in St. Petersburg served as a site for the tournaments. Later, in the 1920s, a hall at Polytechnic Museum in Moscow was used. Half a century ago, during the Soviet “thaw”, open poetry performances were resumed in Moscow. Similar competitions are held today in our times. But when the public, both the writing and the reading public, are becoming active more and more on the Internet, a lively conversation with masters of art can only attract very few…

Poets of different generations and their admirers, critics, art critics, musicians — the audience of the Hall of Organ and Chamber Music of the Sochi Philharmonic in the days of the poetic tournament, becomes infinitely diverse. Certainly, the special atmosphere of the arts festival, which reigns on the streets, cafes, hotels and concert halls of the city in February, inspires creators, opens the souls of listeners who are appreciative of something beautiful.

This year, the Tournament of Poets is dedicated to music. In the first round, eight selected candidates will read poems inside of which a composer or a musical composition will be encrypted (it will be left for the public to unravel this riddle). Participants at the tournament are authors of the largest literary magazines and laureates of international literary and poetry awards. At the second round, three finalists will perform with musical accompaniment — improvised recital will be born before the eyes of the public. This kind of art, which synthesizes music and poetry, was extremely popular in the Silver Age, but has been undeservedly forgotten today. Composers participating in the tournament will compose the music for this.

The Tournament of Poets promises to bring much rich experience both for its participants and for the spectators. So let the first get the inspiration from communication with the audience, and the second rediscover for themselves the “deep inner affinity of poetry and music”, about which the geniuses of Romanticism dreamed 200 years ago…

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